1st Beach Experiences - Bali-days!

let's be grateful to the leisure opportunities that we can had.
especially to a place that known for its beautiful beaches! yes, bali.
the ticket was prepared from a year earlier, very cheap airfares for the three of us.  
fly to Bali, return, for only Rp 500,000, it's really rare opportunity.
thanks to the ticket promo chaser, aunt Ranti.

souza really had a great time there,
running freely along the beach,
 splish splash splosh with sea water, the waves, the sands....

hopefully we can get another family vacation experiences someday ... maybe to the mountains full of snow! : D


dont say goodbye say good night

walking in the sun





Family Picture Year One

December, 2010

April, 2011

September, 2011
January, 2012

Friend Thought. Baby. Global Warming

i do remember that i had a friend who was afraid for having children 
and using global warming issue to be the reason. 

we are not friend anymore for silly reason

now she is having a baby boy, 
and seems that she didn't care at all for what happen in this world lately.
(yes, i following her through twitter, 
and yes she did not following me back :p)

because once we have a kid, you will ignoring all issues out there, 
he will be your priority above all.

so stop worrying about nothing,
if you (have not) know anything
do you know what i mean?!

I hope she be thankful why all this could happen to their life.

I posted about this because I miss her (a lot)
hope we could have some fun with our babies together like old time